April 10, 2018

Crazy Days

Most days I feel like I'm doing pretty good with the transition to three kids, but this week got off to a rough start. I don't know if the kids just had too much pent up energy, or if I was off my game, or if they ate crazy pills for breakfast... but Monday hit us like a freight train.

The morning actually got off to a great start. The kids were happy and we shut the TV off an hour earlier than normal because I was able to get everyone ready, and breakfast all cleaned up while Charlie napped. Both kids were due for a bath, so I made a nice bubble bath in the master tub, and even added a few new toys to make it more fun. Things were great for about 10 minutes, and then went downhill. Here is the progression of events:
  • Someone was removed from bath early for dumping water over the side (Davey)
  • The remaining person in the bath squeezed out the whole bottle of shampoo and spread it all around the edge of the tub (Sophie)
  • Someone wasn't feeling well and wanted to nurse every hour (Charlie)
  • Someone stole all the boxes of Jello from the pantry, but fortunately could not figure out how to open them (Davey)
  • Someone was found standing on a bar stool trying to reach the fruit snacks on the top shelf (Sophie)
  • Someone is always touching or bothering the other someone (Sophie & Davey)
  • Someone had projectile vomit (Charlie)
  • Despite an earlier scolding, someone was found leaving the pantry later with an armful of fruit snacks (Sophie)
  • Someone dumped all the books off the shelf. After they are cleaned up, they dump the books again (Davey)
  • Someone dumped all the diapers and wipes in the closet on to the floor (Sophie)
  • Someone threw their grilled cheese sandwich across the table because anything you give them these days is "yucky" (Davey)
  • Someone keeps taking the baby's binky, making him cry (Davey)
  • Someone picks the baby up by his head while he was napping, making him cry (Sophie)
  • Someone uses the baby bouncer (with the baby in it) as a stool to reach the counter, making the baby cry (Davey)
  • Someone was found leaving the pantry once more with 5 fruit snacks shoved down her pants (Sophie)
  • Someone went running through the house using a wet toilet brush as a sword (Davey)
  • Someone went running through the house without a diaper after stripping naked (Davey)
And so on, and so forth... I know when they are teenagers I will probably long for the days when my problems were thrown sandwiches and pilfered fruit snacks, but in the moment it was a bit overwhelming and my patience didn't always win out. Luckily there were a few sweet moments mixed in too, just enough to temper my frustration and keep me from locking them outside for the rest of the afternoon. 

During these crazy moments, I am glad for early bedtimes, and that each day can be a fresh start!

The shampoo incident - at least it made our bathroom smell like watermelons

Feeling better after a bath and new clothes. Unfortunately this happened right after I had just washed all the towels used to clean up the shampoo. 

Just making messes

Reading books together (the ones that were all dumped off the shelf)

Charlie resting in the crib (for his own protection)

After a month of refusing his pillow, Davey called me in at night and said "I want my pillow" and then promptly fell asleep on it. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping boy :)

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Angela said...

I wish I lived closer so I could come over for a couple of hours and give you a break. Sounds like a tough day. I kept my kids books in a big plastic tub when they were small. It's not pretty but It's much easier to clean them up.