April 23, 2018

A Monday with My Zoo Crew

Sophie has been asking to visit the zoo again, and since we only have a few months left before she leaves us to start full-day kindergarten, I packed up the kids and a picnic lunch and to the zoo we went! Even though our zoo is not very exciting, it's perfect for small kids we had a great day together enjoying gorgeous weather and seeing the animals. Highlights from this trip were feeding the goats dead leaves, seeing the lion roar, making "birthday cakes" in the sand pit, and petting a donkey. 

I had to get creative to fit three kids on a double stroller, but we did it! Davey is sitting on the tray table, which luckily can support 30 pounds. 

Cute little prairie dogs eating breakfast

Sophie loves the "fake poop" display in the education center. She is holding the very real-looking bear excrement sample.

Someday we may have enough little faces to fill all those holes :)

I remembered to bring some sand toys this time and the kids played in the dig pit for an hour. The fun ended when Davey decided to start throwing sand at people, including me, thus prompting a "time out" on top of the log tunnel.

Charlie enjoyed looking at the trees and feeling the breeze

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