March 4, 2018

While we wait....

I was hoping the first post of March would be about Baby Brother's arrival, but unfortunately we are still waiting to meet the little guy. His official due date is today, but I still haven't felt a contraction or any other sign of labor. At my last appointment I hadn't really progressed much, and I'll go back to the doctor on Wednesday if we are still waiting. My mom arrives tomorrow to help, but can only stay for a week, and Dave is hoping to attend his friend Todd's wedding in Utah next weekend, so it would be really convenient if this baby came in the next couple days.

But in the mean time:

Look at that guilty face. While Sophie was at swimming lessons, I stayed home with Davey to give him a bath. The stinker pooped in the tub not once, but TWICE! As soon as I had cleaned up the first mess, he said "Uh oh. Sorry Mommy," and sure enough there was more. I was hoping scrubbing the tub two times on hands and knees would put me into labor, but no luck...

The Discovery Center has a free kids program on the first Friday of the month with a story, experiment and craft. This month was about weather and when they asked who wanted to volunteer for the lightning demonstration, Sophie was the first to raise her hand. She is so brave. Afterwards she built this "Crystal Castle" out of magnet blocks all by herself. I love seeing how creative she is!

On Saturday we completed a huge list of chores and errands, but still found time to stop at the mall for free pretzels from Auntie Anne's. I had seen on Facebook that they were giving customers either a regular or cinnamon pretzel to celebrate their 30th anniversary, and how could we pass that up?! Afterward Sophie had cinnamon sugar all over her entire body, including her hands, face, clothes, hair, and a good portion of the mall's floor. 

And, no offense to the Tascosa Ward, but I was really hoping to not be at church this Sunday. This had better be the last time this maternity dress sees the light of day for a couple years. Dave must have known we'd still be waiting, though, because he scheduled himself to teach Gospel Doctrine today and we didn't need to find a last minute sub. 

After church the kids were sent to nap and quiet time, although the one who was supposed to be in her room cleaning ended up falling asleep, and the one who was supposed to be sleeping decided to go on strike and protested by throwing all his books and animals out of the crib. Failure. As a result we had one grumpy boy come 7:00 pm, and one girl who is still awake in her room a couple hours later singing and playing because even our nightly walk couldn't burn off all her energy. Here's to hoping tonight will be our last as a family of four!

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