March 27, 2018

Visits from Grandparents

We were lucky enough to have visits from grandparents this month!

My mom arrived the day Charlie was born and was able to stay for one week. I was so glad to have her here to help with the kids while I took care of Charlie, especially since Dave was gone in Utah. She spent a lot of time reading books, making meals, giving baths, doing our laundry and helping to clean up the house. We love Grandmari!!

Grandmari also went with me on the first outing with all three kids. We went to Braum's to get some ice cream as a treat. These two were good, although I did have to take Sophie to the bathroom afterward to wash off her whole face. She chose the birthday cake ice cream, that was very blue, and very messy. 

This one was trouble. He kept climbing over the back of the booths, and then when we were leaving he dashed out through the automatic doors across two rows of the parking lot before my mom caught him. Thank goodness there were no cars!

Davey also came down with pink eye while my mom was visiting. We're still not sure where he caught it, but it then spread to Sophie and, sadly, to Charlie as well. Luckily it was the bacterial kind that can be treated with drops, and everyone's eyes cleared up within hours. While at the doctor for pink eye, we also discovered that Davey had a raging double ear infection - poor guy!

Grandmari with Charlie

Grandmari with Davey & Sophie

Dave with my dad. While we were all down in Texas, he was in Utah for a wedding at the same time as my dad who was also there for a ski trip.  They met up at Park City one day for some skiing and snowboarding. 

A few weeks later, Dave's parents drove up from Texas to see Charlie and to help out with Sophie's birthday party. The kids always love having them visit and we are so glad they made the trip up, even though they could only stay for a couple nights. During their short visit they were able to join us for a couple walks, party at Scales & Tales, and watch Sophie's first soccer game and the talk she gave in Primary.

One "good" photo and one "real life" photo. I'm so glad we remembered to take a picture because the last photo I have of the kids with their Howe grandparents was from Halloween a couple years ago - yikes!

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