March 20, 2018

Sophie at 5 Years

Sophie is 5! She is the last of our March birthdays and has been waiting for her turn to grow a year older since before Christmas. We made her a birthday countdown chain a month ago, and she faithfully removed one link each morning until her special day. I love how excited she gets about things!

She is a social butterfly and has loved being in preschool this year. On non-school days she always starts to get bored with just Davey and I around for company. Her best friend at school is a boy named Ethan. Sadly they won't be at the same school next year for kindergarten, but she is great at making new friends and seems to find someone to play with everywhere we go.

Sophie is a great big sister and a big helper to me. We will miss having her around next year when she goes off to full-day kindergarten. I can always count on her to play with Davey or help him out with something, and she has been very attentive to Charlie and runs over anytime he cries. She also loves to help in the kitchen with meals, run errands, and do "special projects" with me or Dave. I can't wait for her to get just a bit older so she can start babysitting :)

Sophie at 5 Years
  • She is still riding the top of the growth curve at 3 ft 9 in (90%) and 44 pounds (75%). There are a few 5T clothes in her drawer, but almost everything she wears is size 6/7. She also wears size 12 shoes. 
  • Purple is still one of her favorite colors, but it's no longer at the top. Her new favorite is "golden," especially if it's also sparkly. 
  • She loves her blankets (Purple, Pink & Snuggles) and her little turtle, but they have also been joined by about 10 other animals. Soon her bed will have no room for her. 
  • This year she did soccer and swimming and loved both. She can also zip all around the neighborhood on her scooter, and ready to learn how to ride a bike once daddy figures out the training wheels. 
  • She now knows the name, sound, and how to write all her letters. Next step is reading! Lately she has been asking us "what does this spell?" everywhere we go, so I think she is ready!
  • Her room is always a disaster. She has so many little toys that she loves to spread out everywhere. At night we have to sweep things aside to make a path from the door to her bed. Every Saturday we clean it all up so I can vacuum, but then it all comes right back out again.
  • Her favorite things to play right now are her Hatchimals, the Pet Shop from when I was little, Legos, puzzles, and board games. 
  • Her favorite food is "pink and black meat" (steak) and that's what we had for her birthday dinner. She is still a finicky eater, but if she doesn't like what I have made for dinner she has the option of trading for a peanut butter sandwich. 
  • When she grows up she wants to be a mommy, a scientist, and a teacher. 
  • Her favorite place to go is the zoo, but if she could go on anywhere on a trip she would choose Disneyland or her grandmas' houses. 
We love you Sophie!

Sophie's turn for birthday munchkins! Donuts are one of her favorite foods, along with cookies, ice cream, cake and popcorn.

Sophie opening her presents and a jealous Davey. This year she received a puzzle, a set of Flip-a-Zoo animals, two games (Sequence for Kids and Hatchimals), a Mini Mixie ranch playset, and a Lego car. 

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