March 19, 2018

Davey at 2 Years

Davey turned 2! This boy sure has grown in the past year, and even though he can be quite the rascal at times, his sweet side always comes through to get him out of trouble in the end. I call him my "puppy" because he bounces around and gets into everything, but is also so loving and will come over to lay in your lap while you rub his head or his back. He thrives on physical contact and always loves a good snuggle. I often hear "hold you" throughout the day, which means he wants you to hold him.

Davey is all boy and loves robots, dinosaurs, vehicles, super heroes, and projectiles. His favorite toys are the ones that shoot something and he will often run up to you and say "pew pew!" He also likes to throw things and hit, usually as a part of playing, but it's still something we are working on. The other day he went through each member of the family and asked if it was ok to hit that person, and of course we said no. Silly kid.

Sophie is his favorite person and he loves to play with her anytime she will let him. When he wakes up in the morning we have to repeatedly steer him away from her room, because he just can't wait to see her. They love to run around like crazy animals and make all sorts of messes together. It will be a hard transition next year when she goes off to all day kindergarten and isn't around to play with anymore.

He is a cute kid, but you can see the mischief in that smile :)

Davey at 2 Years
  • Is 34.5 inches tall (50%) and weighs 30 pounds (75%). He is a solid kid and I can barely lift him into the crib these days. He's wearing size 2T clothes, but they are starting to look a bit short in the belly and I think he will be ready for the next size up by summer.
  • Loves his yellow blanket and carries it everywhere. Sometimes he is sneaky enough to get it into the van when we are going places. 
  • He still drinks a little bottle of milk in the morning, before nap, and before bed. It's what he became attached to instead of a binky. We always said we would cut him off at two, so we are slowly starting the weaning process. 
  • His current obsession is Paw Patrol. It's the first thing he asks for in the morning after his milk. He knows the names of all the dogs, and most of their catchphrases too. 
  • His favorite song for the past year has been Old McDonald. In fact, I think E-I-E-I-O was one of his first "words." He loves it when we sing it to him and let him pick the animals. Lately Old McDonald has been having dinosaurs, lions, robots, and the Paw Patrol live on his farm :)
  • Is a clean freak and does not like his clothes or hands to be dirty or sticky. If anything spills on the floor he will run over to grab a rag to wipe it up. Unfortunately he doesn't see scattering toys or books as messy, but if you ask him to help he will sing "clean up, clean up" and come over to put things away. 
  • He is still figuring out what it means to be a big brother. He climbs in the baby swing and bouncer all the time and will try to sit on my lap while I'm nursing, but for the most part has been sweet with Charlie (if you don't count the time he attacked Charlie with a robot or dumped him out of the bouncy seat). 
  • He talks CONSTANTLY and is using 3-4 word sentences now. In the last month he also learned to count to 12, skipping a few numbers here and there (usually 6 and 7), and sing most of the ABC song (video below). 
  • Will tell us that almost every food is yucky and he doesn't want it, but if you leave him in the chair long enough he will eventually eat most of it. His favorites are bananas, blueberries, oatmeal, pretzels, potatoes, corn, and chips. 
  • We have started seeing an increase in tantrums, but I suppose that's part of turning 2 and becoming a big brother at the same time. 

Last time going to bed as a 1-year-old

Birthday munchkins (donut holes) from Dunkin Donuts

 Opening presents - this year he received a truck sound book, a little set of puzzles, a walking robot, and two superhero play sets (Iron Man and Captain America). 

We waited a couple days to do cake and singing so he and Sophie could celebrate together. He was obviously tired of waiting, even for a quick photo :)

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