February 27, 2018

We Found Swimming Lessons!

Swimming has always been one of Sophie's favorite activities, but since moving to Amarillo I have  struggled to find lessons for her. The town club and other private pool options were incredibly expensive, but the city-sponsored classes were only offered during the summer months when we are normally traveling.

While browsing online one day in January, I stumbled across a new Amarillo City Activity Center opening up north that had just started enrolling for swim lessons. It's a 20 minute drive from our house, but they were offering six, 45 minute lessons for just $35 dollars, which was over $100 less than all the other options I had come across! We signed up and since this was the first round, hardly anyone else knew about it and Sophie ended up in a class with just one other girl.

So far she has loved the lessons and has learned so much. After one month she can now swim the width of the pool on her stomach or back and dive underwater like a pro. We're going to take a break during March when the baby comes, but have promised her that she can start going again in April. This girl is going to be swimming like a mermaid once summer comes!

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