February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day Photo

Every year I like to take a Valentine's day "portrait" that we can send out to the grandparents to let them know how much we love them. This year's almost didn't happen because we kept getting hit with different sick bugs, but one morning I just stuck the kids in a chair, said "Smile!" and luckily we got a good shot. I'm glad we have it to add to our collection because it's fun to look back through the years to see how they have grown.

2018 - Sophie is 4, Davey is 1

Davey seemed to know what was going on because after I pulled the chair into our room he climbed right up and said "cheese!" even though I wasn't quite ready yet. In fact, he was still wearing sweat pants, but in the end I decided it didn't matter and just left him that way.

A few of the outtakes

I posted the photos from the previous four years below as well, and I can't believe how old Sophie looks in the one from 2016. No wonder people always looked at me weird when I took her places and said she was 2 years old. They probably thought we were just trying to avoid paying admission for her :)

2017 - Sophie is almost 3, Davey is 11 months

2016 - Sophie is 2

2015 - Sophie is 1

2014 - Sophie is 11 months

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