February 10, 2018

Goodbye Escape, Hello Sedona!!

When we found out a third baby was on the way, we knew it was time to start car shopping. Both our cars were still running fine, but neither could could fit three car seats across without a lot of manhandling, and since our kids are young and we will be in the car seat phase of life for a long time, we knew an upgrade was needed. Our two options were a three-row SUV or a mini van, and after shopping around, we decided that a van would be the best fit for our family.

Our research and dealership visits went really slow, because it was the holidays and we were busy with a lot of stuff. Then one day in February one of the sales reps we had worked with at the Kia dealership offered to bring by a 2017 Sedona van for us to look at. It was super cold that day, so we pulled it right into the garage for inspection. We really liked everything about it, and then took it for a test drive around the neighborhood, which also went well. Costs were discussed, and then after some negotiations, the van was ours!

Here are some stats and things we liked about the van that made us go through with the purchase:
  • 2017 Kia Sedona with 22,000 miles. We looked at new, but with the recent house purchase and upcoming baby bills, we decided pre-owned was a better financial choice. It's two years old and was a rental car in it's previous life. It is certified through the dealership, though, so we still have the rest of the warranty in case things go wrong. 
  • And speaking of the dealership, it's located in our neighborhood! We could theoretically drop the car and walk home if needed, which is super convenient. 
  • We got a really great price. When the manager heard about it, he looked Dave up and saw that he is a business professor with an emphasis on negotiations. He asked Dave to come meet with him later that week for a chat and down the road they might trade negotiations training for car services. We'll see what happens....
  • The second row has a middle seat that can be removed to make a walkway to the back. Right now we have it in, but when the baby comes we'll take it out and have Davey and baby in the second row, and move Sophie to the back. The third row of seats also folds down completely into the trunk, which is nice if we ever need to transport something large, or if we are going on a big camping trip or something where we have a lot of gear. 
  • Since it's pre-owned, there are a couple minor dings and scuffs so no one has to worry about putting the first mark on the car :)
  • The kids love the automatic sliding doors and so do I. Amarillo has crazy winds and I was always afraid once of them would open a door and it would go flying into a car next to us. In fact, Sophie was not allowed to ever open her door unless we were parked on an end spot because I was so nervous about denting another car. 
  • We've never had a back-up camera before and it's been nice. Sophie wished there was an entertainment system, but sadly that was the next trim level up. We'll survive. 

Old car - Dave with our Escape that we traded in towards the purchase of the van. He took it to the dealer for an appraisal, and ended up leaving it there to take the van home. It was a good car, and I wasn't expecting to never see it again so I told Dave to take a photo with it before leaving. 

New car - the kids absolutely love the van, especially Davey. If you even mention the word "van" he will run to get his shoes and go out in the garage. I have also enjoyed driving it more than I though I would. It's comfortable and has everything we wanted in a car!

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Angela said...

Congrats on the new van. It looks great and will serve your family well.