February 28, 2018

February Roundup

February is done! For the shortest month of the year, it sure felt long and we are not sad to see it finished. This month we had sickness, surgery, cold and windy weather, a leaking disposal, and a tired, very pregnant mama with less patience than normal. There were good moments too, though, like our new car, Sophie starting swim lessons again, Davey learning new words and phrases almost daily, and Dave and I even snuck away for a date one afternoon to see the new Black Panther movie. 

Here are some other random snippets from February:

All prepped for broken nose repair. At least we already knew we would hit our deductible this year with the baby, so bring on the procedures!

Another trip to the Discovery Center. There really isn't a ton to do here, especially since the Lego exhibit left last month, but the kids always find something to have fun with. Sophie and I successfully built an arch for the first time on our last visit. Normally we lay the blocks out and it falls over as soon as we try to stand it up, but we kept trying and finally succeeded!

Sophie loves the free Home Depot kid workshops. Dave usually takes her, but I got a turn this month and it was fun to watch her work. The project was a Valentine's Day bean bag toss that luckily wasn't too hard to make because I am a novice when it comes to carpentry.

Sometimes they drive each other nuts, but other times the get along, and I love those moments

Our neighborhood has shared dumpsters in the alley, rather than individual cans. Our dumpster is right behind the back fence and Davey loves watching the garbage pick up a couple times a week. 

Sophie has really been excelling at puzzles. She has mastered all the 24 and 60 piece puzzles we own, and I was talking to Dave about how she needs a challenge. The very next morning I got a promo code for a free puzzle from Shutterfly, so I made this "Howe ABC" puzzle. It's 250 pieces and might be too difficult at first, but I know she'll get there in no time. I'm giving it to her for her birthday and think she'll love it!

I had New Beginnings for Young Women's this month, where we welcome the new girls that will be joining us throughout the year. The program went well and I thought the decorations turned out nice. 

Refreshment table, the most important part of the evening :)

Our group is small, so we are thrilled to be welcoming three new beehives, two sisters who recently moved into our ward boundaries, and an investigator who will be baptized soon. 

One morning I went in to get Davey and found him naked in the crib with his diaper and jammies on the ground. Yikes! Luckily the crib was dry and it hasn't happened again since. I'm not ready to tackle that challenge just yet...

Two of his new phrases this month were "I Davey,"  which he tells to random people all the time now, and "Davey's turn." Sophie has not been thrilled with his realization that he can sometimes be a participant too, instead of just an observer. 

I love how he still sleeps with his feet tucked under him like a newborn. Sweet boy. 

My bubble monster from the deep. She later told me she was actually trying to make herself look like a sheep, because they are white and fluffy. 

Stake Conference Shenanigans - we've had two conferences in the last two months and they really are a test of how far you can stretch entertainment for the kiddos

First time at Braums! We went to get ice cream as a reward for completing all our Saturday chores - go Howe family!

And now that this post is done, the blog is completely up to date and ready to share hundreds of photos of baby boy, who will hopefully be here any day now - we can't wait!!

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