February 25, 2018

38 & 39 Weeks

Reaching the end of each week during the third trimester is cause for celebration, so this post has photos from week 38 and 39! Almost there! We are ready for this boy to arrive, but at the same time, I want him to stay put until his due date on the 4th. Grandmari is arriving on March 5th to help with the kids, and if he can hang on for at least three more days he will have a March birthday, just like his siblings. It will also give us a bit more time to work out a name. Right now the debate is at a standstill...

I am actually feeling pretty good these days, other than being tired and needing the bathroom at least every hour. He dropped about a week ago and it's been nice to have him out of my lungs and breathe easier again. There have been no contractions yet, my heartburn has disappeared, and I can still bend over pretty well to clean up the toys and clothes scattered all around the house. Sometimes I forget he's even in there, until I get a good kick to the ribs. My next doctor appointment is in a few days and hopefully we will get a better idea of how baby is doing and how soon he might make an appearance. My last pregnancy was induced, so I'm having a hard time remembering what the days and hours leading up to labor felt like.

38 Weeks - I am enjoying my final days of privileged parking at our grocery store. Those spots are awesome and I'm going to miss parking there once baby comes and I'm lugging an infant seat and two other kids from the back of the lot every time we go shopping. 

Still able to find a bit of room on my lap 

39 Weeks - with Davey I felt huge at the end and all my clothes stopped fitting, but this time I think I might be just a bit smaller. I certainly wouldn't mind if this boy was closer to the 7 lb mark, instead of the 8-9 lbs range like the other two. 

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