January 27, 2018

Attack of the Stomach Flu

The flu bug hit our family this week. Davey was the first to go down on Monday night, so I'm guessing he probably picked it up at church nursery. We heard him crying on the monitor around 4:30 am, but thought he was just trying to wake up too early and left him alone to work through it. Then when I went in his room that morning I smelled the puke immediately... it was on his sheets, his blankets, his jammies, and all over his hair. He looked at me with sad eyes and said "Yucky, mommy, yucky" and my heart just broke for the poor little guy.

I put him in the bath to clean him up and gave him a bottle of milk to drink (his comfort item). He never threw up again, but he was sort of sluggish for the rest of the day and spent a lot of time just vegging on the couch. Since he didn't really show any other symptoms, we figured maybe he ate too much at dinner, and then was tired from having to sleep in him own mess :(

On Thursday night, however, Dave started to feel bad, and then I threw up during the night and again the next morning. Dave never did throw up, but we both had chills, no appetite, and no energy. We used Netflix as our babysitter and pretty much left the kids to fend for themselves for the day.  It should be against the laws of nature for both parents to go down at the same time. So far Sophie has been spared and we hope she will continue to stay healthy. 

Davey getting his own breakfast

Davey did not like his day without parents and came to cry on my lap every time I emerged from the bedroom. Sophie also struggled, but made the best of it and I am proud of her for stepping up. It helped that we received a Valentine's package the day before from Grandmari that had some stickers and other activities to help keep her busy. 

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