December 3, 2017

Girl's Trip to Vegas

On December 1st I flew out to Las Vegas for a girl's trip with some of my roommates from freshman year at BYU. I was only gone for 48 hours, but it was so nice to trade some of my time as "mommy" for time with good friends. Thank you to Dave for holding down the fort that weekend!

Our hotel (Carriage House) was just one block off the trip and so perfect! It was quiet, had no resort or parking fees, and had nice, double rooms with a kitchen so we didn't have to go out for breakfast. Their pool was also under construction at the time, so we were able to use the Marriott's rooftop pool next door instead!

We chose Vegas for this trip because it was pretty central to Texas (me), Utah (Paige & Heather) and California (Breanna). And there are also so many fun things to do there! We had a hard time deciding how to use our time, but did a great job fitting in as much as possible. I don't know why we waited 13 years to do this - the next trip will have to be sooner!

We had no real plans for our first night, but Paige saw a sign for a benefit concert while leaving the airport and it had an amazing line up for just $75! They got tickets and Breanna was even able to change her flight to arrive earlier to make it there for the concert. We got to see performances from Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Penn & Teller, David Copperfield, Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and a few others! 

At night we relived our college days by playing Rook

On Saturday we had a lazy morning at the hotel and then went to get pedicures. The place had really interesting decor, but they did a good job and it was a very relaxing hour. Afterwards we went to a buffet lunch, and then saw Wonder - great movie!

Our dinner that night was at Sugar Factory and our big splurge for the trip. We ordered just a few appetizers, and then went all out on dessert. I ate an entire fondue service by myself and it was so good!

After dinner, and all the chocolate, we felt like a walk might be nice and we strolled down the Strip to the Bellagio fountains. It turned out to be quite the trek and when we got there we realized we were only a few blocks from our hotel, but our car was over a mile the other way the restaurant. It was so tempting to just leave it there, but we went back even though we were pretty worn out.  Next time we will have to consult the map better!

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