December 15, 2017

Christmas Lights at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens

One of the fun parts about the first year in a new place is discovering new local events and activities! Utah had so many great things to do at Christmas time, but we were able to find plenty here in Amarillo as well. I actually made a whole list of different things happening in the area and we only made it to a couple, but we still have lots of years left to try the rest.

One thing we did manage to fit in was a visit to the Botanical Gardens to see Santa and enjoy their light display. It was a cold night, but we went pretty early so we were able to see everything pretty quickly before the crowds got big. Everyone had a great time and this is something we will definitely try to come back to next year!

Enjoying the decorations while waiting in a short line to see Santa

Davey loves Santa, but the actual moment of meeting him was a bit overwhelming. He did not like sitting with Mrs. Claus and was very relieved when the photo was done and he could get down and enjoy Santa from further away. 

Davey saw this projection of Santa leading music on the wall later and was mesmerized

We brought some cocoa and Vanilla Wafers for snack and it did a great job warming up our little Sophie, who was starting to feel cold.

Beautiful lights on a cool, Christmas night!

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