December 13, 2017

28-ish Weeks

I haven't been that great at documenting the weeks of this pregnancy, but I think that's to be expected for a third child. Or maybe I haven't been taking photos since I rarely wear something other than sweats these days :) Things have been progressing, though, even without documentation. 

Around mid-December I entered the third trimester and am now in the home stretch. Sleeping has been difficult, but I have no major complaints other than occasional heartburn and increased difficulty shaving my legs (good thing it's winter). Baby is still doing well and seems to enjoy taking up as much space as possible. His favorite position is to lay diagonally with one end up under my right rib cage, and the other down near my pelvis. He is also very active, and I've never had to worry about kick counts because it seems like he is always moving, all day long. 

I talked to my doctor and sadly they will not induce here. I was hoping to set something up since I had such a good experience with Davey's induced delivery, but they said it won't happen unless there are concerns about the baby or mother's health. I am hoping that maybe my history of big babies (Sophie was 8 lbs, and Davey was 9 lbs) might qualify me for an induction down the road, especially since baby is already measuring on the larger side. Not having a set date will make arranging child care more difficult, so right now our finger's are crossed that everything will work itself out. 

At my 24 week check up

The new pack-n-play I got off Facebook Marketplace for baby to sleep in. Some lady heard from her friend that new puppies like play pens, which turned out to be horrible advice, so we got this basically new crib for cheap. It will go in our master closet, which we are going to use as a nursery until the boys are old enough to start sharing. 

I had my glucose tolerance test at the beginning of December and passed on the first try this time! I was so glad I didn't have to do the three hour test this time around like I did with Davey. I also got my Rhogam injection for my negative blood type, which is never pleasant, but hooray for modern medicine. 

At my 28 week appointment that took FOREVER. We were there for a little over TWO hours and I was not prepared with enough snacks or entertainment for the kids. It was a bit rough. Never again will I intentionally schedule an afternoon appointment. 

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