November 14, 2017

Wee Racer Clinic

At the end of October Sophie brought home a flyer for Wee Racer in her backpack. We get lots of info about kid activities in the area from her preschool, and I normally just throw them out, but this one seemed right up her alley - running games, obstacle courses, and moving with music. I signed her up for a couple one hour sessions and she absolutely loved it!

There were about 8 kids in the group, and even though the age range was 3-5 years old, Soph was easily the tallest one there, which is becoming common for almost anything we do. She did a great job listening and following directions, and not becoming frustrated when something was too hard the first time around. It was also nice to see her look somewhat coordinated compared to other kids. This girl often walks into walls and falls over in the middle of the room and sometimes I wonder if that's just her, or a factor of age, and it looks like it's just age :)

Video: Some clips of Sophie trying the different activities. You can see the big smile on her face as she runs and can tell how much fun she was having!

The real challenge was Davey. He was not content to sit on the sides and observe for an hour and I spent a lot of time following him around, reassembling obstacles that he dismantled. He desperately wanted to be out there with the other kids and, now that I've seen some ideas, we might try to set up a few challenges at home for Sophie and Davey to enjoy together.

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