November 28, 2017

Sophie & Davey

These two are really something. They go back and forth between best friends or worst enemies several times a day, but I feel like for the most part they get along really well.

Davey trusts her completely and wants to be with her all the time. She is the first one he starts asking for after waking up and his favorite place to hang out is in her room. He will grab her hand and say "Sophie, c'mon. C'mon Sophie!" and lead her away to go play, and most of the time she will oblige. 

Sophie really is an amazing big sister and can tolerate a lot of Davey destruction and interference before resorting to hitting and pushing. We are both going to miss having her around next year when she starts full day kindergarten. She helps me so much by playing with him, reading him books, getting snacks or drinks, helping him through playgrounds, and so much more. We recently discovered that she can even get him out of the crib!

One morning I rolled over in bed and found Davey standing right next to my face. It shocked me and my first thought was "Oh no! He's learned to climb out the crib!," but I later learned that Sophie had heard him next door and gone in to get him out. Phew! I let this go on for a few weeks, but then the wake ups started getting earlier and earlier, until one morning I saw lights on and heard noise at 2 am and went out to find them playing in the family room. We had a discussion about time, put everyone back to bed, and set a new rule that only mommy or daddy would get Davey out now. 

Still, I am glad they are friends and I hope things will stay that way!

Enjoying a donut treat after getting flu shots. Neither of these kiddos were especially brave or cooperative, but we survived and that was reason enough to celebrate

She lets him pick the game or show, and then she will play while he watches. I am wondering how long it will be before he wants in on the action too.

Playing "Mini Mixies" together. We randomly discovered these little sets at Ross one day for $4. When I looked them up on Amazon and saw they usually cost a bunch more, I went back and bought every one I could find. Each set folds up into a small cube and comes with little figures that can swap hair and clothes. Davey loves to take them apart and Sophie likes putting them back together so they make a good team :)

Matching jammies...from last year. Hers still fit fine, but his were a bit snug since they were size 18 months. I was actually surprised they fit at all and was glad we could get a picture like the one from last December. 

A peaceful moment in the tub before she started kicking and splashing water in his face

Entertaining Davey during one of my OB appointments

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