November 1, 2017

October Roundup

I love everything about the fall season, although October seems to get the best parts because it's not too warm, not too cold, the leaves start changing, and there is all the Halloween fun! In addition to all the spook-tacular things already mentioned on the blog, here are some other things we were up to this month: 

We found out that bubble bath + the jets in our master tub can make quite a reaction!!

Davey, on the other hand, prefers his bath without bubbles because then he can see all the toys

My little loves on one of our walks. We did have a lot of rain this month, but also plenty of sunny days that let us get outside the house. 

Swinging in the "eggs" at the park

The Discovery Center got a new exhibit based around legos and travel. The kids had a fun time with this and we stayed in that room almost the whole time. We've been too busy to make it back for a second visit, but should have time to go again in November. 

Dave and I try to play a game every night after the kids go to bed. We take turns picking the game, but Battleship has been a frequent one lately because I'm on a winning streak and Dave keeps wanting a shot to take me down :)

One of my favorite new traditions is "Waffle Wednesday" - we just eat Eggos for lunch, but it's a quick and easy meal for me to make and the kids love it!

We visited the Nature Center for the first time this month and went on a walk in search of critters. Sophie wanted to hike, but without Dave to help, we didn't make it very far. 

See bug, squish bug

Sophie was disappointed we didn't see any snakes, but we did find tons of these fuzzy caterpillars. They were fun to watch and surprisingly fast. Sophie tried to pick one up and it pooped on her :)

Crazy hair day at preschool! I just took some of our Halloween decorations we had around and stuck them in her hair. It was very simple, but lots of fun!

All our baby stuff was up in the attic, but I pulled it down to fill some empty cupboards downstairs since we know we'll need it soon. Davey found the bath seat and decided it looked pretty comfortable. 

With her favorite snake at the zoo

Davey's preferred seat for watching TV. There are two couches right near him, but he likes the table.


It's pretty much always windy here so I have started keeping a kite in the trunk of the car. We pulled it out on one of our park visits and the kids only got it stuck in a tree twice :)

Sophie had her first Primary Program! Her line was "I choose the right by following God."

Some Davey mischief from last month: tearing apart "Where is Baby's Pumpkin," helping himself to the Doritos in the pantry, coloring the table with Sophie's markers, and relocating all the laundry I had neatly folded and stacked on the table. 

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