October 30, 2017

Pumpkin Carving 2017

We had three pumpkins to carve this year, so we did one for Davey, one for Sophie, and one for the family. Normally I cover our table with newspaper to help with the mess, but in the week leading up to Halloween we didn't receive any grocery ads or junk mail. Weird. Where is all the junk when you need it?? I used garbage bags instead, which slid all around and didn't work as good. Oh well. I guess next time I'll start saving paper sooner in case there is a shortage. 

Sophie was excited to help again this year, but still didn't want to touch the guts so we had her use a spoon and tongs to help clean the pumpkins. She got bored and left after about 15 minutes when wouldn't let her use knives, but every year she gets a little more helpful, which is nice because cleaning and carving three pumpkins really wore me out this year!

Davey was curious about what we were doing so I let him see. He wasn't all that impressed and quickly gave the pumpkin back after looking inside.

Sophie had a fairy pumpkin and we chose Batman for Davey. At first Soph wanted me to carve a picture of her face, so I was glad when she changed her mind. I carved these freehand and they actually turned out pretty good! 

After the kids were in bed I tackled the family pumpkin. It was a beast and took forever to clean and was not very easy to carve. The walls were thick and fibrous, but also pretty crumbly, so I had to be really gentle. This year I stayed pretty simple with the design and just did our name in a spider web. 

Happy Halloween!

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