October 28, 2017

Moana Inspired Halloween Costumes

Make way! Make Way! This year our family costumes were Moana inspired! 

Sophie received her Moana dress as a birthday present from her friend back in March, and then I created costumes for the rest of the family to match her. Davey was Maui (the demigod), I was Te Fiti (mother earth) and Dave was Te Ka (the lava demon). Dave and I were actually not planning to dress up, but a few days ago before our Halloween party I started having regrets, so I hit up Goodwill and got creative. I probably went a little overboard, but it was a fun project and Soph was thrilled when she saw us all dressed up

Moana & Maui: I ordered Sophie's necklace off eBay for a couple bucks and then stuck a flower in her hair to complete the look. It was nice to have one costume be super simple! 

Maui took a little more effort. I found a plain tan shirt at our local consignment store and then, using Sophie's toy Maui as a guide, drew tattoos with Sharpies all over the shirt. 

It took a lot longer than anticipated, but luckily I had Netflix to keep me entertained while I colored, and colored, and colored. I know have a new respect for tattoo artists. Luckily his skirt came together much quicker with just some leaves cut from felt that I tied around his waist. 

I don't even know why I try to take pictures of the two of them without Dave around to help entertain/distract. They pretty much never turn out. 

Te Fiti: I had no plan in mind for this costume and just used what happened to be available at Goodwill the day I went shopping - a giant green body pillow, a twin size sheet patterned with tree branches, and some random flowers. 

I used the pillow, with the stuffing removed, to create Te Fiti's long hair. Next I made the sheet into a robe using a free pattern I found online. I'm an amateur when it comes to sewing, but the pattern only involved five rectangles and straight lines so it wasn't too bad. Finally I made a crown with the flowers and scotch tape. 

Te Ka was the final costume, but I forgot to take pictures. The robe was a slimmed down graduation robe from Goodwill that I painted with flames. I would like to note that it took several coats of paint because the fabric of the robes was pretty thin and the paint would just soak right through. Our back patio now has some lovely red, orange, and yellow spots :) I made the crown with construction paper coated with modge podge to make it look glossy, and help hold things together, and then Dave completed the look with some face paint. 

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