October 14, 2017

Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm

October means a trip to the pumpkin patch!! Utah has perfected this experience, so I was a little worried about what Amarillo would have to offer, but Maxwell's did not disappoint! In addition to the pumpkin field, there were lots of activities including tractor pedal cars, a playground, a corn maze, giant slides, farm animals, inflatables, bouncers, a cow train, apple cannons, rubber duck races, a corn pit, and more!

We were originally planning to go while my parents were in town, but the farm was closed due to rain so it didn't work out. A few weeks later, however, we had a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Howe and Liz, and this time the weather didn't spoil our fun. Sophie was in heaven and did not want to leave, even though she could barely walk by the end of the night.

Riding the cow train

I wanted a cute pumpkin picture of the two of them, but this is the best I could get because Davey kept running away

Next year we'll be able to fill in that third marshmallow!

I thought Davey would love the corn pit, but he wanted out immediately. Sophie, on the other hand, could play in there for hours. 

We ate dinner at the farm, and it was well priced and pretty good (better than the fair in my opinion). Sophie had her typical peanut butter sandwich, while we enjoyed popcorn chicken, sausage on a stick, Frito pies, and funnel cake. 

Me and Sophie in the rat rollers - this was surprisingly good workout!

We let her cheat on the basketball game a little bit

Evolution of a family photo: 

Picking the perfect pumpkin

Beautiful sunset on the way home

A few weeks later, I went back to the farm a second time with a group of moms from the Stake. There were several kids there that Sophie knew from preschool so she had a blast! Something was off with Davey, though, and he was a grump almost the entire time. On the hay ride to and from the pumpkin patch he just sobbed on my shoulder - poor guy. 

Riding the cow train was one of Davey's few happy moments

Soph got to pick out a small pumpkin to take home. Davey just walked around blubbering. 

We took our new wagon  with us (a gift from grandma!) and it was a lifesaver. There was no way I would have made it through the farm with two kids, coats, a cooler, and a pumpkin without it!

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