October 3, 2017

Grandmari & Paco Come to Visit

We had our first ever house guests arrive at the end of September. My mom and dad flew down from Seattle and were nice enough to also bring all the jam I had made over the summer in their suitcase!! (We had been eating store bought jam for the last month and it just wasn't the same.) They came to stay for 6 days and I had a full line up of activities planned. Sadly their arrival coincided with our week of torrential rain, so all my plans didn't really work, but we still found plenty to do and it was fun to show them around our new city. I know we don't live in the easiest place to get to (it took them 8 hours and 2 layovers), so we are very grateful they made the trip!

Sophie made this card to put on their bed as a surprise. She was so excited to have visitors for the first time and wanted them to feel welcome. Paco is green, Grandmari is red, and she is purple. The blob on the left is a heart. 

On Friday we paid a visit to the WT campus to see Dave's office, and then we went over to the activity center for pizza and some fun.  

After dinner we went bowling. It was the kids' first time and Sophie dropped a ball on her foot at one point and took a while to recover, but she had fun and can't wait to go again. Davey was fascinated by the ball return and it's a miracle he never got hit in the face or had his fingers pinched. I can't remember who ended up winning, but I'm guessing it was probably my dad. 

After bowling we went swimming. In my rush to get everyone else ready for the night, I forgot to bring a swimsuit for myself. Oops. It worked out fine though, because I was able to try the rock climbing wall with my dad instead. We both did three routes before meeting the others back at the pool. 

My parents were here for Conference weekend, so watching all those session filled  a lot of our time. We made sure to have our traditional coffee cake, and worked on a puzzle during one of the sessions when Davey was napping. 

We made a quick trip out to Cadillac Ranch on Sunday afternoon. Forty years ago someone decided to bury 10 old Cadillacs nose first in the ground. Kind of strange, but it's only a few miles from our house and made for a quick, fun side trip!

Cheering on the Seahawks to a victory over the Colts

On their final day my parents drove out to Palo Duro Canyon for some horseback riding. It's the second largest canyon in the country, and located about 30 minutes southeast of us. We will hopefully make a trip out there with our family once the kids are a little bit older. Right now Davey refuses to be carried in the backpack, but is also not willing to walk so we wouldn't get very far on a trail.

My birthday isn't for another month, but we went to celebrate early at Texas Roadhouse since I won't see them again until spring. Hooray for yummy steak dinner!!

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