August 5, 2017

Lake Sammamish Summer Trip 2017

From Dallas we flew up to Washington for some time with the Lambert family. The first part of the trip was just with my siblings, and then for the last week several members of the Lambert extended family arrived including my grandparents, all my aunts and uncles, and several cousins. In total we had just over 30 people staying at the house - crazy, but fun!

Some happy campers waiting for our flight. After a hot couple weeks in Texas we were excited to be headed to the northwest where the current highs were still below the Dallas lows. 

The sun was going down over Dallas when we left, and since we were flying west, we chased the sunset for our entire flight. 

Still setting when we arrived in Seattle

One of our first, and favorite, Washington summer activities was picking raspberries. Aunt Faye was a good sport and let Davey put all his ground berries, smushed berries and yellow berries in her basket. Overall we picked 22 pounds and then made 40 containers of jam. Yum!!

We got to help celebrate Paco's birthday while we were there! We had donuts instead of a cake, and while we were at the shop the owner gave Sophie a free donut hole to enjoy. 

Even though it was a busy trip, we managed to fit in a short stay at the cabin. My mom left early one morning to pick up Sophie's cousin Anne since her family wasn't going to arrive for another week and Sophie was dying to play with her. While they were busy having fun, I was able to finish a 1500 piece puzzle, mostly by ignoring the Davey :)

I took some updated photos of Davey on our walk around Gold Creek pond. He sure is a fun kid and look how blonde his summer hair was!

On the way home we tried a couple short hikes. Davey ended up hating the back pack so he left early with Dave and just the girls went on the second hike. 

Of course the lake is one of the main reasons we visit in the summer and no matter how much time we spend down there, it never seems like quite enough. There are so many fun things to do and Sophie is able to participate more and more as she gets older. 

Davey loved dogs and was thrilled to have Jobe so close with no escape route during the kayak ride. He especially loved holding on to his tail like a handle. As soon as they got close to the dock, Jobe made the leap to get out of there!

Water ski/Wake board date for our 11th anniversary!

This turned out to be a wild tube ride. Both Sophie and Will were fearless and kept trying to let go of the handles for more thrills, but every time we hit a bump it would send their little bodies flying off the seat! I caught them both more than once and am still amazed we never had anyone go overboard. 

Quarter rides at Bellevue Square

Crack alert!

Splash pad fun

Quick trip out to Snoqualmie Falls where we met up with the arriving extended family and saw my brother's new house. 

Fun with Uncle Brent - she was very brave and when they got back from their ride she told everyone how she went 55 fast!

Paddle boat with my grandma 

The kids with their great grandparents. Sadly we didn't ever take a group photo with all the Lambert family, but I'm glad we at least got this one. 

Beach fun at Idylwood park

Trip out to the I-90 bridge to see the Blue Angels practice show. The sky was very hazy from wild fires in Canada, but the jets were still able to perform. 

Lambert family gatherings mean lots of card games! This was my crazy hand for Mormon bridge one night - 2 K/Q pairs and 3 high trumps. I had no idea what to bid. 

We took a big family picture for my parents Christmas card and then my sister took just a couple quick shots of our little family afterward. It actually turned out pretty good!

And these were just a sampling of the photos from the trip. It would have been a super long post if I had inluded them all, so instead I tried to choose my favorites and saved the rest for a Lake Sammamish 2017 video that's posted below.

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Angela said...

Wow, sounds like wonderful trip to Washington. I can't believe how grown up Davey is looking.