August 12, 2017

Emerald Isle Beach Trip 2017

From Seattle we flew all the way across the country to North Carolina for a Howe family trip on Emerald Isle. We spent the first night in a hotel, and then drove out to the coast the next morning to our beach house! We had an amazing house this year with plenty of space for the whole family and even a hot tub on the back deck! There was also a closet stocked with chairs, boogie boards, sand toys, and a kite so we had plenty to keep the kids busy.

Sophie had a great week with her cousins and it's amazing how much smoother the trip went now that the three "littles" (Sophie, Emma, and Liam) are older. We went with them as babies, and then as two year olds, and now they are four and able to be semi-independent. They had a blast playing in the sand and waves every day and they happy moments definitely out numbered the breakdowns. Davey loved being around his older boy cousins and especially bonded with Jack. Wherever Jack was during the week, Davey was not far behind!

Waiting to board one of our flights. They did great, but I'm glad we don't have to travel coast to coast on a regular basis - it makes for a long, tiring day.

These three hit the beach pretty much as soon as we got there

Enjoying the hot tub! It was nice to take a dip after the beach to warm up and wash off residual sand

There was a miscommunication with the rental company and the pack-n-play we had arranged for Davey never showed up. We ended up building him this cage in a closet out of baby gates, and it worked well enough that we just canceled the crib and let him sleep here for the week. 

So many shells and treasures to find!

My Beach Boys

Sophie "baked" lots of cakes and other desserts for us during the week

We found out there was a sand castle competition for our stretch of beach so the family got together to create this rather large sand sculpture. We ended up placing second!

There were several turtle nests down the beach from us that we were hoping would hatch during our stay. A group we trek down to the next each night to check if there was any progress. We saw baby turtles once a few years ago and it was really neat to watch them march down to the water, but no luck this year.

Enjoying a beach rainbow off the back porch one morning

Grandpa made a DQ run and brought back a whole bag of Dilly Bars. Everyone knows that Dillies make you silly, and messy!

Davey and his buddy Jack. He loved to sit on his lap to watch videos of babies and puppies :)

We had lots of wind, which is great for flying kites!

Sophie requested to be made into a sand alligator

Our last night at the beach. We took the kids down in their pajamas for a quick photo, which turned into playtime, and of course they ended up very sandy and wet

The Howe Family - photo taken by a kind stranger from the house next door who saw us trying to balance a cell phone on a table in the rain and ran over to help

Another big trip meant another 100+ photos, so here's the full album in the Emerald Isle Beach Trip 2017 video. Plus the videos have been fun to have and the kids really enjoy watching them, so I'll probably keep making them whenever we have something big going on.

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