August 31, 2017

August Roundup

The first half of August was spent traveling, but then we came home and were able to officially start settling in. Our trips were fabulous, but it was a relief to stop living out of suitcases and finally just have "normal" things to do, like going to the grocery store every other day.

Our back patio has been a great place for bikes and other outdoor fun. Don't tell the kids, but Santa might be bringing a water table in a few months :)

The family room set we ordered at Ashley arrived the week we returned from our trips! We got a couch & love seat (both came with pillows), an accent chair, a coffee table, end table, and a rug. I've been really happy with the way they look and hopefully they will hold up well over the years. The napkins under the legs in the picture were to protect the floors until we could go buy furniture pads :)

It has been great to have a playroom in our new house. The toys wander out of there all the time, but at least we don't have to store them in our family room anymore and sometimes they do actually play in there. 

There are several of these large bushes in our neighborhood and Sophie loves to burrow her way in to try and "disappear." Sadly the yard crew came a few weeks later and shaved them back, which was probably for the best because they were starting to take over the sidewalk.

Davey in the "time out nook" for hitting Sophie. He just loves to hit and I'm hoping it will be a phase that passes soon.

Snuggled up with her snakes

The doll house family was kicked out and the dinosaur tribe moved in

I put Sophie in "quiet time" in her room and then went to my room for a nap. Apparently she didn't want me to be lonely because I found her like this at the foot of my bed when I woke up. 

Blurry pic, but you can still see his joy and the mess. We had pudding for dessert one night and he got his own serving. I was cleaning chocolate off the walls, floor and high chair for a week after this. 

We normally end up at the grocery store at least a few times a week so the kids were thrilled to find that the United stores have car shopping carts! They also have cookies & fruit for kids and special parking spots reserved right up front for expectant mothers - yes!!

Preschool open house! Sophie has been looking forward to school for years now and was so excited to see her classroom and meet her teacher. There was some jealously that the class next door had purple chairs, but I'm sure she'll get over it. School officially starts for her the day after Labor Day. 

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