July 15, 2017

Texas Summer Trip 2017

Dallas was the first stop on our 6 week summer tour! We had almost two weeks to spend with family in friends before moving on to our next destination and I'm always impressed by how much we manage to fit in while we're there.

We arrived on the Fourth of July and had a very small celebration with the kids before going to bed. Grandma did have a fun dessert and some glo bracelets for the kids, but no fireworks for us this year. Everyone was too worn out! 

Davey showing off the latest in swim fashion

These kids were exhausted! With all the swimming, eating, partying and play dates they slept well. This was on the way home from a pool party for a friend's 7th birthday. 

Dave helped arrange a big get together with all our friends and their parents too! We met for a BBQ lunch and then the grandparents took the kids so the couples could all enjoy a night out together. First we hit up an escape room, and after a rough start, figured things out and were able to breakout with 7 minutes to spare! We then enjoyed a delicious dinner at Babes before going back to the Palmers for some treats and games. 

Some fun at grandma's house.... pretending to "roast" marshmallows

Pizza & pool night with cousins

Our little explorer got stuck

Dave and I went to a movie (our first since Christmas!) and had a nice night away from the kids. We saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy and thought it was pretty good.

7-11 day slurpees!

It was really hot during our visit so one morning we went to a mall playground for some fun. The mall was pretty much deserted (at least half the storefronts were empty) so it felt pretty weird, but the kids had a great time in playland and then as a special treat we rented an animal scooter for 10 minutes before leaving and Sophie had a blast! I let her drive me and Davey around and, with just a few corrections from me, we managed to not crash into anything. 

Laser tag with family! It was super fun and intense! We played through several different scenarios and I was so sweaty by the end! All the running, crouching and nervous energy really got to me and I was chugging water by the end. 

One last get together with friends before we had to leave. There are 12 kids between us now (2 not pictured) and Sophie always has a great time with her "cousin-friends". 

The group once we added the babies to the picture :)

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