July 4, 2017

In and Out of Amarillo

A day after arriving in Amarillo we said goodbye to Soph, Davey, Grandma, and Liz. They were nice enough to take the kids with them back to Plano, and while they were off having fun, my mom, Dave and I started unpacking and setting up house.

In those few days we got almost all our stuff put away, cleaned up the debris, bought a fridge, stocked the pantry, and hit up a half dozen different furniture stores before finally purchasing a living room set from Ashley HomeStore. We also had a chance to find our church building and attend our ward, which had just undergone major boundary changes. It was great to introduce ourselves and then leave town for 6 weeks, giving them plenty of time to fill all the major callings before getting around to us :)

On the Fourth of July, we dropped my mom at the airport on our way out of town. It was so nice to have her help for the week and I can't imagine how much harder the move would have been without her! Dave and I then made the 5.5 hour drive to Dallas to his parents house. It's amazing how much faster a road trip goes by with just adults in the car. We had an audio book and stopped once for gas, but could have made it on one tank if our car had been full leaving Amarillo. It will be nice to have family just a half a days drive away!

Video: On our last night before heading out, we saw our first Texas lightning storm. There were constant flashes for almost three hours, but never any thunder. So cool to watch! 

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