June 30, 2017

The BIG move!

Our target moving date was June 28th. We had already closed on our new home back in May, but the lease on our town home wasn't up until July 1, and Dave and I were still working so there was no rush to get to Amarillo any earlier. The university gave us a moving stipend, and we did get a bid for having a company do it for us, but in the end we chose to do it ourselves to save money.

I got a great deal on a truck from Penske ($700 for a 26' truck for 5 days, with a car towing hook up) and my school had been saving up boxes for us. We spent most of our June evenings slowly packing up the house. We didn't have a big place, but we sure managed to accumulate a lot of stuff while we were there!

We picked up the truck the morning before the move and emptied almost our entire house in the front yard. Then the ward came by that evening to help load everything into the truck. It was one of the quicker moves I've ever seen.

Our route took us out of Utah near Moab, down through Colorado, across New Mexico, before finally arriving in Texas. It was 98 degrees when we arrived in Amarillo, but some members from our new ward and Dave's mom and Liz, who drove up from Dallas, still came out to help us unload. We were so grateful to have them after our long journey!

The packing begins... It always amazes me how much can come out of kitchen cupboards

The two most important things boxed themselves up :)

Truck is here! Sophie was a big helper and grabbed anything small enough for her to carry.

We also had lots of help from the ward and our friend Todd. Davey was fascinated and scrambled up the ramp into the truck any chance he got. 

Almost empty house the night before we rolled out

Family party the morning of moving day

Amarillo bound! Dave drove the truck, towing one of our cars, and my mom came down to help me drive the other car with the kids.

Rest break near Moab. It was really hot, but Sophie loves the red rocks so we explored for a little bit. 

Davey was not the happiest traveler and was really happy to get out at our hotel in Gallup, New Mexico

The final stretch! Sadly there was a traffic stop on I-40 for over an hour. We never really knew what caused it, but it took Davey's entire nap. 

When we arrived in Amarillo, our realtor met us at the house with the keys. We took a picture with a "Sold" sign in front, but I don't know what ever happened to it. If we ever find the photo, it will go here. 

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