June 5, 2017

May Roundup

May was dominated by graduation, our Europe trip, closing on our house and then a getaway to Disney. What a month!

Sophie had another round of swim lessons and advanced to level 5. She can now jump into the pool, come to the surface, and swim about 10 feet unassisted. Sadly it will probably be her last class for awhile since we will be busy with the move and then traveling for most of the summer.

Davey went from taking a few steps to full out walking. He has been enjoying the ability to reach higher and carry things around the house. Sadly his latest obsessions are trying to get into the toilet and banging things on the TV. He also is finally sleeping through the night and add the words uh oh, nana, and yehyoh (his yellow blanket) to his vocabulary.

A visit from Grandmari and snow in May - crazy!!

Enjoying a sunny day at Farm Country

Another successful Sunday nap. I hope to keep this going as long as possible!

Davey is definitely a meat & potatoes type guy, and after those were gone he ate the strawberries too. It's nice that he is finally starting to eat better. Soph is still a terrible eater, but we love her anyway :)

The Four Banditos - our kids and my co-worker's kids both ended up at the same babysitter one day. They had a blast together, although it was probably a crazy day for the sitter. 

Lately the front yard has been our favorite place to kill the hour between work and dinner. Davey also still just has those two little bottom teeth :)

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