June 27, 2017

Goodbye to a few Utah friends

As the time drew nearer to leave, we tried to hurry and see some of our Utah friends one last time. Sadly we weren't able to see everyone, and sometimes we did manage a meet up, but forgot to take a picture - oops.

I took the kids to a spash pad in Highland with my friends Heather and Paige. The kids all scattered the moment we arrived so we didn't get a group photo, but I did take this one of Sophie. 

Sophie had a "late over" party with her best buddy Paisley, and a birthday party with Lincoln, her babysitter's son. They were definitely "frenemies", but she has missed him a lot since we moved. 

I had been meeting up with my two cousins, Allison and Kimberly, once or twice a month at the aquarium or Thanksgiving Point and will miss our little get togethers.

We tried to take a picture of all the kids on the big turtle, but it was a huge failure. Henry is escaping off to the left, Peyton was running away to the right, the red head was a photo bomber, and Sophie was valiantly performing her sisterly duty of holding Davey without letting go :)

My Grandma Mimi is someone we will miss the most. It's been so great to live close to her for the last seven years. I will miss our lunch dates and trips up to her house. She let each of the kids pick a book off her shelf and gave them a small gift for the road trip. She really is the best!

Dessert date at the Baked Bear with Heather - we have know each other since 3rd grade and roomed together at BYU. I really feel bad we didn't see each other more while we lived close (mostly because of my work). Good thing we have a roommate reunion planned for December in Vegas!

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