June 4, 2017

California Trip - Pool Day & Heading Home

We ended our trip with a low key day at the pool. Another day at the parks would have been fun, but it was nice to have some time to rest and recover before our drive home, plus it saved a lot of $$$. Also, after three days of fun, leaving early and returning late, our hotel was quite the disaster and it took some time to get everything sorted out and cleaned up again.

Our drive back was uneventful (the perfect kind of drive) and we stopped mid-way in St. George again. It was such a great week and are already starting to think about and plan our next Disney adventure.

Little Davey slept until 10 am after Disneyland

We made a quick trip to the store to get some food for lunch and snacks for our drive home. I think all stores should have car-carts. They are the best!

My little dude at the pool

She is fearless

At Mimi's St. George house

Just an hour left until home! This gas stop had a picnic area and playground and it gave the kids just enough happiness to make it the final 75 miles.

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