June 1, 2017

California Trip - Disneyland!

Thursday was the big day - Disneyland!! I was expecting magic, but was prepared for tears and tantrums, and luckily we ended up having a great day. The kids were absolute champs and held it together really well considering we were at the park for over 12 hours. At one point we asked Sophie if she would like to go meet some characters or do more rides, and she chose rides - that's my girl! It turned out that Mickey at California Adventure was our only encounter for the trip, and she was fine with that.

Sadly the low point of the day was when Dave walked too close to a line stanchion pole while we were waiting to ride Small World and it completely obliterated his phone in his pocket. It was a complete loss, including all the pictures and videos from earlier in our trip, which is why everything on the blog is from my phone. Sad moment :(

Here are tons of photos, and this isn't even all of them. I ended up making a video of our whole trip since I knew it would be ridiculous to post them all on the blog. You can watch the video here: California Trip 2017 or at the end of this post.

Happy faces ready to go in!

Pirates of the Caribbean - Davey doesn't know what's coming and looks a little anxious :)

Jungle Cruise - this ride can get terrible lines, but he hit it just right and pretty much walked on

Splash Mountain - you can barely see Sophie's terrified face up front. She said she liked it though, and ended up going twice. 

Small World - always a hit with the kids

Ready for the Matterhorn! She liked it, but Dave and I both thought it was a pretty rough ride without much reward and probably one we'll skip next time. 

Napping while we went on some rides he couldn't do anyway

Star Tours

Astro Blaster Rockets

Thunder Mountain Railroad

In the middle of the day we went to a sub-par Rapunzel show that Sophie was excited for, but didn't really understand. Sadly, while we were at the show, we missed all the good spots for the character parade and Sophie only caught a glimpse of things from Dave's shoulders. And while they were trying to get a view, Davey pulverized his snack and spread it all over himself. Lovely. 

Space Mountain closed for two days after Memorial Day to reopen as "Hyper Space Mountain" with a Star Wars theme. We were glad to be there on the day it was running again, since it's always a favorite. 

First time ever riding the Casey Jr. Train. Somehow I've always missed this little ride in Fantasy Land, but it was a good one, especially for little kids. 

Sophie rode with Uncle Brent on the teacups because she wanted to go fast, and I'm pretty sure they out-spun everyone else on the floor. 

The Electrical Parade was amazing! The kids were mesmerized from the moment it started and I was glad we were able to visit during it's short run (it was only there for a few months). We had great seats and Cinderella even waved right at Sophie. 

Good night Disneyland and thanks for the memories!

  • We went straight for the back of the park and were able to ride the Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Splash Mountain, and Jungle Cruise all with no lines. Some of those don't take Fast Passes either, so it was nice to get them out the way. 
  • We brought our own lunch, but ate dinner at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland. It was great! Everywhere else was super crowded, but we were able to walk right up to the counter and order at there. Seating was plentiful, and it's indoors so it was a nice break from the heat. There was also a player piano near our table that kept the kids really entertained.
  • Since Sophie loved the popcorn so much before, we brought some bags of popped microwave popcorn as one of our snacks. It was a little bulky, but weighed nothing so it was easy to just tie on the stroller. It was great to break out as a special treat while waiting for parades to start.
  • I had purchased glow wands at the dollar store to use at the night parade, but left them at the hotel by accident. Bummer. They never knew I had them and weren't disappointed, but it would have been nice to hand out while we waited. 
  • The kids loved the Electrical Parade, but were zonked for fireworks. Both passed out before they even started and I wish we had just left instead of waiting around for the show. When it was time to leave, they were both out cold and it was pretty challenging to collapse the stroller and carry two dead weight kids plus all our stuff to get on the bus. The people waiting on the bus cheered for us when we finally made it on. 

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This makes me so excited for our trip! Glad you had fun :)