May 12, 2017

Western Mediterannean Cruise - Cannes & Antibes

Our fourth port brought us to the French Riviera. We arrived in Cannes and walked along the beach front boulevard and through the high-end shops and hotels. The city was busier than normal because the renowned International Film Festival that takes place in Cannes each year was just a week away. There were crews everywhere setting up stages and hanging movie posters for the big event.

Looking back at the Epic. This was the only port where we had to take tenders into shore. 

It threatened rain a few times, but luckily the clouds cleared and we had good weather for the day

Walking through a local market - there were both good and bad smells to be found here :)

We also took a bus out to the resort town of Antibes. The old town was once a walled fortress and just outside was a marina with tons of yachts. Just looking at the water makes it clear why this region is called the Azure Coast!

There is a castle on the hill in the background behind us

A cool map of the city made from ceramic tiles

Our interpretation of this sign was "no tall husbands with short wives allowed here"

Lunch Break

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