May 6, 2017

Graduation Day

Dave graduated from the University of Utah with a PhD in business on Friday, May 5th. His PhD was a 5 year program, that immediately followed a 2-year MBA so it's been a long road for our family and now we are done!! My Grandma Lambert was in town and came to watch, and Dave's mom came up from Texas, and his brother and his family came down from Idaho. We are so thankful for the many people that were there to support us on graduation day, and over the last several years.

Waiting for things to start - thank you Grandma for going early and getting us these great seats!

Stats on the graduating class this year - Dave falls into the lower right group, although we are not sure who the third PhD was. All the candidates but one from Dave's year dropped out, or weren't ready to graduate yet.

Celebrating Dr. Dave!


Soph with cousin Liam, and a worn out Davey

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