May 31, 2017

California Trip - Six Flags Magic Mountain

On Wednesday we took a break from Disney and went to Magic Mountain. I absolutely love big roller coasters, and knowing this, Dave was nice enough to stay back and swim with the kids, while I went with Brent, Derek, and Faye for an adults day. Every time we go I'm always nervous that I will find out my body can no longer handle extreme thrills (I know having kids can change things), but was relieved to find that I still had the nerves and guts to do even the biggest rides.

Brent has a season's pass and dining plan and was our guide/host for the day. We were able to get free parking, free entrance for one of us, and free lunch/snack/dinner/drinks!! It was quite the treat. The only damper on the day were the 500 middle schoolers there for their end of year parties. The lines were long sometimes and while we were waiting we witnessed hours of truly terrible flirting and awkward pre-teen conversation.

Faye gets motion sickness and started out on X2, one of the most extreme coasters I've ever been on. I'm pretty sure she hated it, but didn't let it ruin her day and went on pretty much everything else at the park. I was really impressed with her bravery!

Enjoying our free lunch - wings & fries

At one point we met Batman (Davey would be so jealous). He asked us what our names where and Brent and Derek both told him fake names, which threw me off and made my mind go blank, so Derek stepped in and said my name was Cilantro - hah!

What a fun day!!

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