May 30, 2017

California Trip - California Adventure Park!

Our first park was California Adventure! My Uncle Brent joined us, while Derek and Faye stayed back in Newport for some beach time. The park opened at 8 am, so we had to get an early start and the kids were a little groggy, but perked up pretty quick once we got there. This park seems to get better with every visit and we were glad that there were no ride closures this time!

Starting off at Toy Story Midway Mania. There were no lines so we were able to do this popular ride a couple times back-to-back.

I rode the carousel with the kids while Dave and Brent went on California Screamer. Sophie is really looking forward to the day when she will be big enough to ride the big coasters too!

Next up was Cars land. Radiator Springs is prone to breaking down so we were glad to ride it early before it had any problems. It was one of Sophie's favorites, even though our car lost the race both times. 

After a few more Cars rides (that Davey was sadly to little to go on), we went over to the Bug's Life area, which was perfect for our kids. Davey wasn't too thrilled to be left off bumper cars, but he was able to ride everything else. 

We took a break half way through the day for the Frozen show. Sophie begged for a treat and Uncle Brent was nice enough to get her some popcorn - it pretty much made her day! 

Monster's to the Rescue!

After Soarin', it was warm enough to take a ride the Grizzly Peak rafts. I hung out with Davey in the shade for the first run, and then joined Sophie and Brent for the second run. 

Sophie was just a couple inches over the height limit for all the big rides (except Screamer) and it was really fun to watch her try them all for the first time. She was often the youngest one there. Her bravest moment came when she agreed to ride the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride not once, but twice!

Flying on the Silly Swings

Staking our our spot for the Pixar parade, while Sophie went on one last ride

Finally meeting Mickey! Last time we were here, Sophie was not quite two and Mickey had to leave before it was our turn to see him. She was devastated, but this time it worked out. 

  • We were glad to have our jackets for the morning. Dave was fine without, of course, but the park opened at 8 am and the kids and I kept ours on for the first hour or so. 
  • Midway Mania is great, but hard with a lap child. Davey's head was banging all around and 
  • We did not go early to get seats for the Frozen show at the Hyperion and I think it was a good choice. We went in about 10 minutes before show time, got great seats in the balcony, and the kids did not have to wait any longer than necessary. 
  • Child swap came in huge for us, especially combined with fast passes. We went the day after Memorial Day, and yet never waited more than 20 minutes for any ride and Sophie was pretty much able to do every ride twice. Whoever was waiting with Davey, also went to get the next Fast Pass so we were always fully stocked and made our way around the park very efficiently.
  • Our double umbrella stroller does not have a ton of storage space, so we also brought a camel back along. It held a ton of water and we loaded it up with ice so it stayed cold forever, and kept our sandwiches chilled until lunch time. 
  • I also left my good camera behind since we were short on storage, and while better pictures would have been nice, cell pics worked just fine and it was nice to not have to lug the Canon around all day. 
  • The Disneyland app was awesome for checking ride wait times/closures, locating characters, and looking parade times. 
  • We brought a back up battery pack for our phones and it did come in handy. Between checking the app and taking tons of photos, it drained my phone way faster than normal. 
  • We did not stay for the night show, but made sure to get front row seats for the Pixar parade. The kids really loved the parade and it was a great way to end our day.

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