May 3, 2017

April Roundup

Playing catch up here.... April is already a distant memory and if it weren't for these photos, I wouldn't be able to recall much of anything. With the holidays, trips, graduation and a move on the horizon, things are moving quickly and I'm just doing my best to keep up!

One memory that does stand out was Sophie grabbing a bottle of Febreeze at the Walmart checkout and asking if we could buy it because it would keep our room fresh for 45 days :) Commercials are like a direct line to her brain - it's both amazing and scary sometimes to see what she has absorbed.


I missed the sign ups for swimming lessons at the rec center by our house, so we put her in lessons in American Fork. It was her first time in the pool since December, but she did well. Davey also started standing on his own a lot more this month.

We saw both sun and snow this month. On one of our nice weather day we did some clean up in the back yard and Davey was a big fan of the power tools. 

Sophie unloaded the dishwasher one morning for me as a surprise

Two more church naps in the books - we are really starting to get good at this

Every year my elementary school runs a one mile race at BYU. I designed the shirts for our team this year so I really wanted to go and cheer on the kids. After I picked Soph and Davey up a the babysitter we went to the mall to play and eat, and then over to the track. Noah Webster got first place!!

Grandmari came to visit at the end of the month for my brother's graduation from BYU. She stayed at our house for a couple nights and went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point with a bunch of Lambert relatives while she was in town. 

We also took Sophie up skiing one last time. Sadly the magic carpet was closed, but she did great just cruising on the side of the resort. She got to eat this huge sucker that has been sitting in our candy bucket for weeks as a reward. 

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