April 3, 2017

Pictures of the Kids

A friend in our ward is currently enrolled in photography school. She had an assignment a couple weeks ago to practice shooting toddlers and asked if I would be willing to share Sophie and Davey. Of course I said yes!! I have a million pictures of these two, but it was nice to get some professional looking ones on a neutral background. Here are a few of my favorites!

Sophie was a little reserved with her smiles, but we still got a few good ones. I sure love this girl and can't believe how grown up she is looking these days. I'm glad she took one of Soph with her favorite blanket "Purple."

Davey had the opposite problem and was, if possible, too smiley. He was practically giddy and spent a good portion of the shoot trying to fling himself off the chair, or crawl off the backdrop. That's just who he is though - a ridiculously happy ball of energy. 

P.S. - He can stand! No steps yet, but he can stay up for 30-40 seconds if he's distracted. Standing makes him nervous and he normally drops to the ground once he realizes there's no support. 

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Angela said...

Such cute pictures of your kids. Thanks for sharing!