March 19, 2017

Race Weekend in Moab

We had some Howes come to see us in Utah this March! It was a reprise of last year's trip - skiing at Snowbird, and then a road trip south to Moab to hike around in the redrocks and run the Canyonlands half marathon. This year the group expanded to also include Dave's mom and sister, the rest of Tim's family, and Dave and Sophie! Last year our group had to stay behind because I was a due with a baby any day and didn't want Dave to be that far from home, so I was glad he could go along this time. 

Bluebird ski day at Snowbird

Grandma and Liz took the 5 kiddos to the aquarium while the adults were skiing

Some Mario Kart Wii before bed

Morning of the road trip was also Davey's birthday and St. Patrick's Day! Sophie made some green pancakes with rainbow sprinkles for our breakfast. 

Group photo in our green before they hit the road

Sophie was thrilled that grandma and cousin Lincoln got to ride in her car

The hotel had a great pool, which is all this girl needs to be happy

The overlook at Dead Horse Point

The runners/walkers on race day. Only Greg had been training for the half marathon. The others did the 5 mile and rocked it!

Can you tell Soph had no mother for hair combing on this trip? :)

She LOVED climbing around and hopes we can go back for another adventure before leaving Utah

Quick stop at Arches National Park before driving back

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