March 22, 2017


I'm behind on the blog.... March has been a busy month with trips, and birthdays and parties and I have about 8 posts started that I just can't seem to find the motivation to sit down and finish. So instead of working on those tonight, I thought it would be easier to just write about an ordinary day, like today.

My morning started around 4 am, like always, when Davey woke up for his feed. He still doesn't sleep through the night, and at this point, I don't really feel like forcing it. He waits for me in the crib with his yellow blanket, squeals when I come through the door, and then I whisk him out as fast as I can before we wake up Sophie. After we're done, he goes right back down in our room. It works and I figure he eventually get there once we move and he's got his own room.

A few hours later I woke up to thunder. It's been so warm and dry the past couples weeks, and this was the signal that rain and colder temperatures are finally returning. There were a few loud booms, and I lay in bed waiting to hear one of the kids cry, but they slept right through. When Davey did eventually wake up for the day, I pulled him into bed with us, where he spit up two minutes later. Morning over.

After we stripped the sheets, started breakfast and got ready for the day, we left for Curiosity Museum. Wednesdays I work from home, so this is my day each week to do things with the kids. I've been meeting up with my two cousins and their kids about once a month and today was one of our play dates. There were 5 bus loads of kids there on field trips, but we kept to the toddler areas and were able to avoid most of the crazy crowds. In fact, Davey had so much fun playing that he skipped his morning nap and didn't even turn into a monster. Once we made it home around 12:30, he went right down and slept for close to three hours.

While he slept, Sophie helped me make some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and then she went out to play in the backyard while I cleaned up and put fresh sheets back on the bed. I joined her out back when I was finished and she made me several rounds of dandelion soup, grass salad, and stick sandwiches. The rain kept threatening, but never came so we stayed out all afternoon and then Davey joined us when he woke up.

Sampling some chalk. I can't imagine it tastes good, but it's not toxic (I checked) so I let him have it for a few minutes before I took it away. It still baffles me that he sought this out, but refuses bananas. 

Later we had Davey's one year well child visit. Last time we found out he had low iron, so I was curious to see if our efforts had paid off and his levels had come back up and they had! He's still on the low end, but within a "normal" range now. We also found that his weight is holding steady in the 75%, but his height has really slowed down. For his first 9 months he was almost off the charts, but now he's just average. Higher iron levels should help him bounce back, but it has been nice to not have him going up a clothing and/or diaper size ever few months. He's already wearing 18-24 month clothes and that's big enough for me.

Just waiting for the doctor to come in.

After the visit we came home to make dinner, and then it was off to bath. The kids love their bath and only get out after an hour because the water's gone cold and it's time for bed. We had them down shortly after 7, and then the rest of the evening was ours to work and relax. We played some Mario Kart, cleaned up the house and then I got some projects done for the school while we watched "The Help." It was a good day. 

And now that I've been lazy, I might feel up to finishing those other posts tomorrow. Be prepared, a blogging storm is coming! 

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