March 4, 2017

February Roundup

I'm trying for the life of me to remember what happened in February, but nothing stands out. It was a quieter month and it gave us a chance to get back to our normal routine after being gone so much in January. We went out to our usual places, passed around a cold, spent many hours looking at house listings online, and just did our best to keep up with these kiddos.

For those who know cribbage, this hand was worth 28 points, just one point off the best hand possible!!

And another 14 points in the crib - what a round!

Saturday trip to Costco

I had my first ever massage (a Christmas present from Davey) and loved it!

We found these super hero masks on clearance at Smith's for $1.50. Davey is too young to enjoy them right now, but I'm sure they'll get lots of use down the road. 

One of our weekly aquarium trips

The first half of February was cold and snowy. Storms just kept coming every couple days, and then suddenly the weather changed and it was like spring arrived in the blink of an eye. 

Hooray for library story time. I'm not a artsy person, but this girl LOVES crafts and is always excited to see what the project we get to make at the end.

Flying high with daddy!

Sophie loves to help us cook, and despite several warnings, had a run in with the stove. Now that she's had her first burn we hope she will listen better and be more careful!

Another trip to the Dinosaur Museum

This boy has the best faces. I start laughing every time I look at this picture. What a goofball :)

Watching the Sound of Music for the first time with the kids. We didn't make it all the way through, but Sophie loved it and made us promise to let her see the rest sometime soon. 

Our dryer was screeching so loud that Sophie asked if there was a monkey stuck in our closet. We are not DIY-type people, but YouTube is a great teacher and Dave was able to take it apart, replace the idle wheel, reassemble, and now it runs good as new!

❤ Love these two 

At dinner Sophie sat down and told us she had two daddys. Not sure where she was coming from, I responded that, no, she didn't. She disagreed, so I asked her who her other daddy was and she said "Heavenly Father." Smart girl. 

Sophie was playing a new game on the iPad where you were supposed to match up words that rhyme. She was having a hard time understanding how it worked, so Dave went over to help her. Together they identified the possible choices - a frog, a car, and a sink and a dog. Then he said, "now think Sophie, what does DOG sound like?" Her answer - "woof" :)

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