March 24, 2017

Davey at 12 Months

Davey is one! It's been a great year and I'm both a little sad, and relieved, to be writing his last monthly update. I never want to miss recording these little moments in time, and for some reason I feel stressed until I get it everything written. With Sophie I've learned how quickly time passes and I just want to make sure I don't forget anything about Davey at this age.

Right now he is an absolute joy. Not all his moments are golden, but for the most part he is the happiest little guy. Just say his name and he'll give you one of his big, cheesy smiles. He loves to be held, snuggled, tickled, and kissed. He often bursts into tears the second I put him down, and yet other times I can barely hold him because he's desperately trying to fling himself out of my arms so he can go exploring. He's still a momma's boy, but lately some of his favorites are sitting on Dave's lap in the mornings, and playing with Sophie. She's been really sweet with him (if we don't count door finger smashing incident) and he just adores her.

Davey at 12 Months
  • 23.5 pounds at 30 inches. He really hasn't grown much over the last 6 months, which is both a relief and a concern. He was HUGE as a baby, and is now just average size, which is fine. He had to level out at some point and we will just watch him over the next few months to make sure he doesn't slow down too much. 
  • Has 4.5 teeth. Tooth #5 is about half way out and #6 has just barely broken through the gums. He's a pretty grumpy teether and his teeth take forever to erupt, so we could be in for some long weeks over the next few months as his smile fills in. 
  • He is finally coming along in the food department and now eats a couples things of baby food, a bowl of baby oatmeal and some table food each day, in addition to nursing four times a day. His new favorite food is chicken. 
  • Is still napping twice a day, but lately has been taking longer to fall asleep each time, and at night, so I think we are going to starting phasing out that morning nap. Sigh...
  • Has recently started spending the entire night in his crib, instead of coming in with us in the mornings. He still gets up to feed, but now I take him back to Sophie's room and it's been working out ok. 
  • Is extremely vocal and babbles all day long. If you ask him any question, he'll reply "yah", but his only real words are "mama," "dada," and "bubba." He also has a very piercing shriek if he's feeling really passionate (or angry) at the moment. He can be pretty loud in his crib too, but either Sophie doesn't mind or somehow sleeps through it all. 
  • This month he learned to stand independently, but is still not taking steps. He also learned to clap, give high fives, transfer items between containers (his favorite game), turn on the radio on  my alarm clock, and hit. He loves to hit people and thinks it's hilarious. We're not thrilled about it and hope he'll grow out of it before he gets much older.
  • Loves cars, balls, and anything with a power source.
More pictures of Davey from this last month:

With the spring flowers

Not sure what caused this face, but it's proof he's not always smiling

So happy to be outside

My master of disaster - he loves, loves, loves to dump out the puzzles. I think they will be finding a new home shortly. 

He's great a standing and can cruise along furniture like a pro. I'm guessing walking will be a month, maybe two, away though. He prefers moving with speed, and right now crawling is the fastest mode of transport. 

He loves the dishwasher and, if it's open, will be there to remove the plates and sample the silverware and utensils. I pull him off that door all the time and hope that we move out before it breaks. 

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