January 10, 2017

To Idaho and Back

Just four days after returning from Washington, we packed our car again for a weekend trip to the Idaho Fall area for little Amelia's baby blessing. Davey was not happy to be back in his car seat, especially since our 3.5 hour drive turned into 6 hours due to weather and traffic, but we survived the travel and are glad we went. All the Howes, minus Amy and Emma, were able to come and it was so good to see everyone.

We spent Saturday at the ranch house in Swan Valley where they have the perfect sledding hill. It was well below freezing and even the effort of climbing the huge hill couldn't warm me up enough to stay out very long. It was very fun, although Sophie had a bad wipe out and might tell you otherwise. That evening we ate a delicious dinner at Big Judd's, played games, and watched the Seahawks beat the Lions to advance to the next round of the playoffs. Then Sunday came and we went to the blessing before heading back home.

Davey meeting Amelia. She is 8 months younger and will be his closest cousin in age. He was very interested in her binky, even though he has never taken one, and kept trying to steal it. 

Hiking up the hill - little Sophie is on the far right

Dave and Sophie getting ready for a run

I did not bring snow gear, but the ranch house had lots of 80s vintage stuff to borrow. You can't tell from the pic, but I found an awesome one piece to wear!

The three brothers getting ready for a ride

Sophie was WORN out. By the time dinner rolled around she could barely function. After eating a few bites, she asked if she could leave so she could go take a nap. Poor girl :(

The mostly happy Howe family - baby Amelia evened out the numbers so the grand kids are at 4 girls and 4 boys

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