December 26, 2016

Sammamish Christmas - Part Two (Christmas Day)

It is so much fun to be with kids on Christmas morning. Pure excitement and joy. Sophie woke up a little late and her cousins had seen their gifts already, so she had a full audience when it was her turn to go see what Santa had left. She got the "My Fairy Garden" she had asked for, along with some treats in her stocking, a light up toothbrush, and Froot Loops. 

We had just a short time to enjoy the fun before we had to get dressed and get out the door for 9 am church. It was a crazy morning and sadly I didn't get a picture of the kids in their Christmas Sunday clothes, but they did look cute. After church we came home to open the rest of the gifts and then enjoyed a delicious prime rib dinner. 

Christmas morning!

The group gathered to open the tree gifts 

When we were younger, my mom would use code names for our presents so we wouldn't know which gifts were ours until Christmas morning. It's a tradition we still like to follow and my dad chose ski brands for the theme this year. I was Nordica, Dave was Ride, Sophie was Saloman, and Davey was Dynastar. 

Our gift to Sophie this year was a bear family and my mom gave her a camper to go with it. She has had lots of fun taking them on adventures, while I chase Davey around and pull all the little accessories out of his mouth. 

Davey got some cars that light up and make sounds. Sophie has been enjoying them too :)

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