January 25, 2017

Davey at 10 Months

Davey hit double digit months last week! His update is a little late because our house had stomach flu over the weekend and both Dave and I were hit hard, but somehow the kids were spared. I am eternally grateful I didn't have watch them puke their guts out (or clean up the aftermath). My milk supply was affected for a few days afterward, which made Davey frustrated, but we did have lots of frozen that we could use to supplement. I don't know what we would have done without it.

One big accomplishment for this month was learning how to eat minuscule amounts of real food (oatmeal, yogurt, purees, and some finger food). He got busted at his 9 month well child visit for flat lining on the growth curve, most likely due to low iron. The doctor said he'd have to go to feeding therapy soon if he couldn't figure it out, so we've really been trying to get him to start taking solids and have seen a small bit of progress. We're also giving him an iron supplement, which I think is completely nasty, despite being advertised as "Tastes Great!" but he doesn't seem to mind. As Dave pointed out, if you enjoy chewing on car keys, maybe the metallic taste is a bonus.

We also made another attempt at sleep training while we were staying at my aunt's and had an extra bedroom to move him into. It was pretty successful and, after a few nights, he was going down from 7 to 7 with just one feeding between 4 and 5 am. Best few nights of sleep for me in a long, long time. Unfortunately it was short lived and we're regressing back to the 1:30 and/or 3:30 wake ups and I really don't know how we're going to fix it until we move and he has his own room. I'm starting to think I will just be perpetually tired. At least he is cute :)

Davey at 10 Months
  • Around 30 inches and 22 pounds, which isn't much of a change from the last couple months, and yet he still is outgrowing clothing. 
  • Loves back rubs, playing peek-a-boo, cell phones, turning the XBOX on and off, standing up under the kitchen table, and grabbing silverware from the dishwasher. 
  • He does great in the bath and loves splashing around with Sophie until, without warning, will suddenly decide he is done and begin attempting to fling  himself out of the tub. 
  • His favorite food continues to be milk (unless ice cream is an option) and I'm still nursing about 6 times a day.
  • Finally abandoned the army crawl in favor of hands and knees, and is always on the move.
  • Is very curious and spends most of his time inspecting every corner of our house for treasures, or making a valiant effort to insert himself into whatever Sophie is playing at the moment. She is slowly learning to take her toys to the kitchen table or her room if she doesn't want to be bothered
  • Will still go to anyone, but is very much a momma's boy. He seeks me out and comes speeding over as soon as I make eye contact. Ironically, the only word he says on a regular basis is "dada"
  • Got his top two teeth, although they are not fully grown in, so he has two on top and two on bottom. Dave thinks he looks like a little muskrat. 
  • He pulls up on everything now and is starting to cruise along furniture. We are not discouraging walking, but we also aren't doing anything to help him along so I think we should have at least another before he's on the run.
Has already started climbing up slides, naughty boy

Is almost always smiling. At his well child check up the nurse started calling him "Perma-grin"

Enjoying a trip to the library - he's thrilled to finally be involved in some of the fun instead of  just watching from the stroller. 

Loves opening and closing books, and could care less about what is actually on the pages

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