December 5, 2016

November Roundup

November was the month we finally saw our warm fall weather transition into winter. We enjoyed sunny days for the first part of the month until the first snow arrived and we had to move our fun indoors. This month we saw Davey start crawling, Sophie advanced to the next month of swim lessons, Dave finished collecting data for his dissertation, and I celebrated by 31st birthday.

Davey is a stomach sleeper so naps at church are a challenge. We spend a lot of time in the mother's lounge nursing and rocking, and sometimes it's enough to send him into dreamland. 

Dave is still watching the kids every Thursday while I work, instead of our normal babysitter. Sophie loves to stand in the doorway as I leave and say goodbye 100 times. 

Me and my girlie enjoying one of our last warm days

Birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse

Our neighbors have one of those laser projectors and Sophie loves to stand in front of it whenever we come home to make herself look like Christmas :)

Snow arrived the day after we got our outside lights up - perfect timing!

After watching toy commercials for many months, Sophie finally decided what she wanted REALLY, REALLY bad and wrote Santa a letter to ask for a "My Fairy Garden". She's been a good girl this year and is pretty sure she'll get what she asked for!

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