December 19, 2016

December Fun

Since this is our last year in Utah, I really wanted to make sure we enjoyed some of the holiday activities the valley has to offer. There are so may fun things to do and we only had a couple weeks before we left for our trip, so we just weren't able to fit everything in. If we had more time, the activities left on our list were drinking hot chocolate at the Tree of Life in Draper (we only drove past it in the car), the North Pole at Seven Peaks, Christmas in Color in Provo, the Elf Scavenger Hunt at Gardner Village, and Luminaria (if it wasn't $$$$).

DRAPER CITY CANDY CANE HUNT: This is a free activity for kids age 3-6 just around the corner from our house. There are a ton of candy canes hidden around the park, and if you find one with a special tag, you also get a prize. We got there about 5 minutes late, so I dropped her off at the park while I parked the car across the street and when I walked over I found her crying in the middle of the grass because she couldn't find anything. It was sooo sad. After some searching, however, we managed to find this one that had been stepped on and she was thrilled. 

WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY: Our ward party was in the morning so we were able to enjoy some breakfast, then visit with Santa and build a gingerbread house. Each table had some candy, frosting, and graham crackers in the center for you to work with. The frosting was really stiff and difficult to spread, but we managed to put together a clock tower that won 2nd place. As you can see, she was really proud of the "Sophie" house. 

HOLLY DAYS: This is a free activity in the Riverton park that we went to last year put on our list again for this year.. They had a tent to visit Santa, cookie decorating, marshmallow roasting, an ornament craft, hot chocolate, and live music. Much to Sophie's disappointment, the only thing missing from the year before was the little train ride around the park that told the story of the Night Before Christmas. They still had the story boards out, but you just had to walk. 

MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR CHRISTMAS CONCERT: I was able to get tickets this year for my brother and his wife, my parents, and Dave and I!! Derek went on Friday, and then was nice enough to watch our kids on Saturday so we could go with my parents. Our seats were down on the plaza level and we even saw Mitt Romney there. It was a great performance and I'm glad we were able to see this one more time before our move.  

TEMPLE SQUARE: Since the kids weren't with us the night of the concert, we went back to see the lights the next day. It was crazy crowded and bitter cold, but beautiful as always. Sophie enjoyed all the nativity sets and we had brought a thermos of hot chocolate that helped warm us up part way through. Sadly I somehow deleted most of our pictures from this night, but did at least have this cute one of Sophie. 

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