November 7, 2016

October Roundup

October was pretty well documented on the blog (I posted 9 times!), but there were still a bunch of random photos that never made it into a post. I think most of these were shared on Instagram, but since this is our family record, I want them posted here as well. Happy fall y'all!!

We had a ward Elder's Quorum picnic one night. It was fun to eat/play with friends and let all the kids run around in the field. Sophie was really in her element. 

A boy from her nursery class brought a plate of chips over to her and said "I got these for us." Snacks are definitely the way to this girl's heart :)

The kids found Dory!

Dave flew out for an interview at a school in Texas (more on that to come later)

It has been an amazing beautiful fall, one of the nicest in my memory. The mornings have been crisp and cool, but most days warm up to the 60s so we've been able to spend lots of time outside.

Summer temperatures, fall colors

I had extra time with the kids while my school was on Fall Break. We went to a few different parks, grocery shopping not on a Saturday, took lots of walks, and just hung around. 

Me and my crazies on a walk around the neighborhood. We stopped at the clubhouse, not to exercise, but to use the potty.

Our night walks are getting colder so we got the Sherpa suit out for Davey. He's my little marshmallow man :)

Our dishwasher was smelling funky whenever it ran, so Dave took it apart to clean out the insides. It's amazing what you can learn to do on Youtube!

First time with two kids in the shopping cart at Costco. There were mixed emotions about the new seating arrangements. 

I wasn't very good about remembering to write down Sophie quotes this month, but once I told her to be careful because it was slippery, and she told me "Don't worry, I'm holding on tight. My fingers are like grappling hooks."

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