November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween was on a Monday this year - tough for kids and adults.  Today at the school we had several students absent, and one snoring 3rd grader who fell asleep in the hall. All these parties lead to a lot of late nights and I'm glad we have several weeks to rest and recover before Christmas festivities begin. 

This year we had a ward party on Wednesday the week before, we carved our pumpkin over the weekend, I dressed up for the parade at my school, I took Sophie trick-or-treating at the aquarium, and we had a dinner/trick-or-treat with neighborhood friends on Halloween night.  It was a fun series of events and I have loved seeing how much Sophie's excitement grows with each passing year. She is already talking about costumes for next Halloween and right now has her heart on Supergirl or Captain America. I'm sure Davey will be more than willing to go as her little sidekick :)

We got out Sophie's fish costume from last year for Halloween at the aquarium. She was really excited to wear it again and I was glad it still fit!

The actual event was a bit of a let down. There were only about 6 workers passing out candy so we did a lot of walking for very little reward. I think she still had fun though. 

This is a felt Jack-o-Lantern activity from my childhood that Sophie played with while I got our pumpkin ready. She assembled the type of face she wanted our pumpkin to have, and then I did my best to accommodate her design, with my own creative twist :)

Scooping out the guts - she didn't want to touch it, but this pasta server worked really well in place of hands (note to self for future years!)

Finished product carved entirely during Davey's bath

The kids ready for the big night

Our family at the party - two witches, a monster, and a vampire

Trick-or-Treating, also known as "The Best Night of Sophie's Life" and
"The Time Davey Screamed Bloody Murder because he Wanted Bed"


Angela said...

I love that you used your pasta scoop for pulling the insides out of the pumpkin. That is a great idea. I hope I will remember it for next year. I always enjoy reading your posts. Nice Job. :)

Kimberly Woodhead said...

I look forward to your pumpkins every year! So impressive!!