November 17, 2016

Davey at 8 Months

Davey turned 8 months today, and it snowed (post on that later). Sophie went out to play and he seemed pretty bummed to be left inside, so I brought him out for a minute to see what the fuss was all about. I put him down on a plastic lid and a blanket so he wouldn't get wet, but he just had to touch it and immediately decided snow was cold, scary, and not something he wanted to see ever again. We came back inside and he snuggled me until he was warm, and then crawled off to play. Can't believe this boy is getting so big!

Davey at 8 Months
  • About 21 pounds and 29 inches, which is not that different from last month. I've packed up his 12 month clothes and we moved him up to size 4 diapers, though, so he is still growing. 
  • His first tooth broke through and it is the slowest tooth ever. We first saw around the beginning of the month and two weeks later it's still just a little nub. No others appear to be coming soon. 
  • Is on the move! He can get up into crawling position, but then his stomach flops down so he sort of scoots/swims across the floor. It's not super speedy, but he can cover a lot of ground. He also wants to pull up on stuff, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. 
  • Is still a terrible eater. Tonight I rejoiced for getting 4 spoonfuls of oatmeal in him, the most food he's eaten in a week. He loves to eat non-food items, however, like paper and sand. 
  • Sleep training has been a complete failure. I can't even remember when we started, but it's been at least a couple months and he's still sleeping in our room and waking 1-3 times at night. We are renewing our efforts this week, though, so maybe by Christmas he'll be doing better...that would be the best present a mother could ask for :)
  • Has become a momma's boy, which is not too surprising since he's still almost exclusively nursing. We put him on the ground and then Dave, Sophie, and I stood next to each other and he crawled straight for my legs. When he get's mad he also starts shouting "Ma! Ma!" 
  • Favorites include balloons, people's shoelaces, Dave's laptop charging cord, car keys, looking at the world upside down, having people smile at him, and his yellow blanket. 

Loves swings

One day I finally got a few spoonfuls of banana in him, and then 30 minutes later he threw it all up. One step forward, one step back :(

First time playing at the dinosaur museum. I let him eat the sand, thinking he would learn his lesson, but it didn't phase him it all and he went back for another helping. He had so much sand in and around his mouth afterward. I eventually just stripped him down, gave him a mini bath in the drinking fountain. and took him home in a blanket. 

Love this chubba bubbba

Sophie got some Nutella and decided to share it with him. I put him up in the bumbo to wipe him down, and he was all grins. I guess this is one "food" he likes. 

He was supposed to model a new pattern my sister had been working on for her shop, but the day I tried to take his picture was also the day his first tooth broke through. He's not an angry teether, but he sure was curious about that little sharp thing in his mouth. I got about 100 pictures of him with his tongue out like this trying to feel that tooth. 

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